Nigerian music star Augustine Kelechi well known as, Tekno, has apologised for his involvement in ”half naked” videos.

The 26 year-old renowned music artist  who was arrested for dancing with “half-naked” women in a truck in the commercial capital, Lagos has apologised.

One feature of the vehicle that attracted people was that it had glass sides at the back so people were able to see those dancing inside as they waited in traffic.

According to the police, it was confirmed that Tekno was arrested on Tuesday, “for conveying half-naked girls” around the Lekki area of Lagos.

The Lagos police spokesman added that two women were also arrested.

The musician, who featured in Beyonce’s recently released album, left many in shock last week as he took part in what looked like advertisement for a strip club.

On that day, the commuters stuck in traffic were stunned to see him dancing in the transparent glass box.

In videos posted on social media, he was seen spraying money on the women as they danced.

Outraged residents took to Twitter and the state’s advertising regulatory agency has suspended the firm involved.

Tekno has since apologised, but denied it was an advert for a strip club.

Tekno’s apologies reads:


“We were shooting a music video, and we had shortage of vehicles to convey people to the next location,” he said.

Source: BBC