Two American citizens and retired members of the Colombian military, have been identified as the armed group who assassinated Haiti’s President, Jovenel Moise.

According to authorities, the people who carried out the deadly act were “professional killers” consisting of more than two dozen people, CNN report.

As investigation continues, little is known about the suspected masterminds and their motivation for the attack on Moise early Wednesday morning.

While the search for at least eight additional suspects continue, 17 suspects in connection to the fatal shooting have been arrested and detained.

According to Reuters, it has been confirmed by Haiti’s Police Chief, Leon Charles that three suspects were killed during operations Wednesday.

As the pursuit of those responsible intensifies,

Efforts are still made for more arrest to be carried out. The closest link at the moment is the arrest of 11 armed men in the grounds of the Taiwan embassy in the capital Port-au-Prince on Thursday.