2Face came to the Rhythm 93.7FM studio to promote his very 6th studio album, “The Ascension”. “The Ascension” features RocNation’s Bridget Kelly, Machel Montano, Fally Ipupa, Kim Almarcha, Vector, Iceberg Slim and label mates, Victor Uwaifo, RockSteady and Dammy Krane.

He came and had a very nice chat Ik Osakioduwa and Anita "Omaliicha" Isedeh on the #MorningDrive
On the topic of Annie Idibia, his wife, he said they met much earlier at around 1999 and his expression when they met was what he descibed as "awwwwwww"(laughs). They were friends at first before he even knew he wanted to date her let alone marry her. Eventually when he did, he did!

Talking about one of the songs on his "Ascension" album, "Kiss of Life", Anita asked if the song was inspired by a kind of kiss while laughing at him but he said it was actually made about something innocent mostly about the crushes you have when you are very young and that time the kiss is the most ultimate high.
On his early inspiration for music he said that will definately be "Bob Marley" mostly because his father listen to that kind of music alot.
On advising young artistes now this is what he had to say ;
"You know, fame is one of the deadlist high that you can get, so many times many young artistes tend to start believing thier hype too much forgetting the reality of how it all started and the journey ahead , the length of the journey ahead.
When they believe in that high so much the crashing 'e dey crash gon!'. It gets crazy like that with fame, fortune especially when you are young. Its worse when you are young beacuase the youthful hormones are just in motion and many times its the issues of forgetting where and how you are coming from and the length of the journey ahead of you because when you get carried away thats it."

Ik Osakioduwa asked him how he handles artists that are really not as good as they think and thier songs sounds not so palatable to the ears and in the light hearted way he always answer his questions he said, "Sometimes I have those kind of days when I want to just ask the person 'Guy! You sabi play ball? Go try ball or 'Guy you know how them dey take groom catfish?'. So as not to mess someone's self esteem up he says he tries not to be so blunt and simply says something along the lines of 'Guy, something is obvious here, you love music'!

He added that in most occasions some music lovers don't really need to sing but they could be managers, concert promoters, do other music oriented jobs and still get gratification from their trade hopefully not make bad decsions and filled with misplaced proirities.
Finally he talked about how talented people always make the mistake of not 'packaging' themselves well. He wanted it to be clear that in most times, Talent is not enough.
In his own words, "You wey no wack why you nor dey hammer?"
“The Ascension” will be available on Spinlet’s Mobile App (Spinlet.com), iTunes, Spotify, Konga, and other digital platforms today, Monday, 21st, July at 12.00 noon. The Economy album is marketed nationwide through Obiano Marketers for N150, while the Premium Jewel Case album (which includes a 16 page booklet) is available for sale on Konga.com for N1,000.
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