In the past, Nigerian fashion enthusiasts find it hard to purchase foreign make up products because they are expensive.

Today, the story has changed for good. Thanks to the beautiful idea of some Nigerian entrepreneurs in the fashion industry, specifically in the Make-up area.

Amongst the affordable home grown list of makeup products are:

ZARO COSMETICS: this brand caters for all beauty needs, including foundation powders, eye shadows and lip glosses.

ZIKEL COSMETICS: This product is distributed across Nigeria, and is easily accessible brand which is also be affordable.

RLG COSMETICS: this beauty brand has amazing products consisting of lipsticks, lip glosses eye shadows and eye lashes.

HEGAI AND ESTHER: this beauty brand offers long wearing and well formulated beauty products. Their products include lip glosses, powders, and much more.

HOUSE OF TARA: This is one of the first make up brand to start up in Nigeria. Owned by  a professional make up artist, Tara Durotoye. This brand offers all the makeup materials any beauty enthusiast needs.

NUBAN BEAUTY: Launched in 2017, this brand sells their products on the website of the same name. The recently released in my skin beauty blender is being rated in Africa for its innovation and celebration of African beauty.

TAOS COSMETICS: This brand offers beautiful packaging for every product. They sell liquid lipsticks, eye shadows, and eye liners.

YANGA BEAUTY: They sell various beauty products that every beauty enthusiast needs any time any day.

BM PRO MAKE-UP: founded by professional make-up artist Banke Moshida Lawal, the brand has been in existence for while. They offer luxury make up brushes, eye shadow and others.

KUDDY COSMETICS: They offer high quality make-up products, targeted towards the Nigerian women. They sell powder, foundation, palettes and much more.

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