Education Minister Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau has declared that no government in the past 20 years has put as much emphasize on education as the administration of current President Goodluck Jonathan.
Speaking in Kano on Sunday, Shekarau admitted that although this is the case, the education sector is still plagued by numerous problems, Nigerian Tribune.
According to the Minister, at his assumption of office he summoned all stakeholders to brainstorm ways of tackling issues facing the sector. The alleged meeting concluded with all stakeholders agreeing not to down tools but seek more effective ways of dealing with challenges.
He further disclosed that a committee had been set up by Federal Government to investigate problems in universities. The findings exposed that institutions are in need of no less that N1.3 trillion in order to tackle numerous problems.
Based on the findings, President Jonathan has allegedly approved the disburdement of N220 billion to institutions, the sum of which will be spread over a period of 5 years.
While commenting on the TETfund, Shekarau lamented the fact that many universities have not come forward to access the fund, saying that relevant processes were vital to the assessment of the funds.
– Nigerian Tribune