Gmail may be soon be a lot better at managing your email.
The Android version of the app will be updated in the coming weeks with support for Outlook, Yahoo and other types of non-Gmail email accounts, according to a report from Android Police.
The update, expected to coincide with the launch of upgraded operating system Android Lollipop, will allow users to sync non-Gmail accounts with the app for the first time, according to a video Android Police says is from the upcoming app. The video shows users accessing multiple types of email accounts, including Yahoo and Outlook, from within Gmail.
It appears that switching between Gmail and non-Gmail accounts will work much the same way as navigating between different Google accounts within the current app. The video also shows off Gmail's new Material Design-focused look, with new avatars, icons and menu styles. Material Deign is Google's new design language, revealed alongside Android Lollipop at Google I/O earlier this year.
It's an interesting move for Google, which until now has focused on users of its own email platform. But opening up the Gmail app to other types of email accounts could potentially draw thousands of new Android users who don't use Gmail for either work or personal accounts to the app.
It's not clear when, or if, a similar update may come to the iOS version of Gmail but Google typically rolls out major updates to its Android apps before bringing them to iOS.