Is it true the older we get the more we don’t get into the spirit of Christmas? Or maybe you just find it difficult to get into the joy of Christmas? Well with Christmas being only 21 days away here are some ideas and tips to get geared up for the special day:

1) Decorations: If you haven’t already started decorating what are you waiting for? Putting some decorations around your home can help you get into the spirit especially with some Christmas lights. A Christmas tree would be nice big or small, you don’t have to do this alone invite some family and friends to help you, this is perfect for bonding, and with simply looking around your home it should be able to get you into the Christmas spirit. If you want to save some money make your own decorations, ladies use some of your jewelry if you like. If you want to go that extra mile why not get a Christmas Santa hat and wear it out? I’m sure you can put a smile on someone’s face by doing so.

2) Getting in touch with Family and Friends: One of the main excitements about Christmas is being around family and friends. You can also buy some Christmas cards and give them out to your friends, colleagues and family. You’ll also be likely to get one back. Throwing a Christmas party will definitely get you in that Christmas spirit, most people will never pass on going to a party!

3) Watching Christmas Movies: There are so many Christmas movies to watch and no not all are for kids! 

4) Playing Christmas Music: Why not listen to some Christmas carols and sing a long to them, you can also invite family and friends round and make a karaoke night out of this.

5) Presents: Buying presents for family and friends is always nice, and remember it’s the thought that counts so it can be anything nice you think of. By doing this you may even get one back too. Don’t forget children they love presents there’s always joy when it comes down to them unwrapping their gifts. 

If we missed anything, kindly comment below on any of your own personal tips or ideas!