African contemporary music, commonly called Afro-pop, is as diverse as the African continent itself.

It encompasses more than 50 genres, which in turn convey an array of languages, cultures, histories, political movements and personal stories.

The influence of this genre of music has trickled down from its inception to this contemporary period and it is fast gaining prominence, not only in Africa, but Nigeria.

As a result of this influence, many Nigerian artists have explored what it is all about, to the extent of giving the genre of music different names.

Niniola, a Nigerian artist, is not an exemption from this development as she called her kind of African Contemporary music “Afro House” , meaning; a blend Afro beat and House music.

Speaking as guest on the programme ;’’Today on STV’’ the “Bana” hit maker said that, music for her should be seen more from the business and money angle, than the talent.

The first female Nigerian Artist to have over 1 Million monthly listeners on Spotify also said, before it dawned on her that music is business, was when she needed money to pay for production and a lot of things.

She specifically stated that, apart from production, other things are very important to keep the business going, stressing that, good management, hard work and patience, is very important.

The female artist who is also known for infusing sexual overtones in her music also said she own her own record label called, “Drum Roll Records” emphasizing that she is proud of herself even though this is just the beginning, there is still more to be done.

She revealed that, many record labels approached her, but she and her management did not want the creative control to be taken away.

Concerning criticisms, she said, critics are doing the job of an adviser; urging those that have been criticized to accept it as an advice, and cut their coat according to their size, then other things will fall in place.

Talking about inspiration, she said, her father inspired her, because he loved music; revealing that he brought band masters to teach her how to play the drums and other instruments.