A man in Norway has used a bow and arrow to launch an attack on Four women and a man, leaving them dead and two others injured.

After the incident, Police were the first to receive word of an attack in the town of Kongsberg, south-west of the capital Oslo, at 18:12 local time (16:12 GMT).

So far, the development has resulted into an arrest of a 37-year-old Danish man, who has also been questioned for hours overnight.

Meanwhile, the Police have had previous contact with him over fears of radicalisation after he converted to Islam.

While speaking to reporters on Thursday morning, the regional police chief, Ole Bredrup Saeverud told reporters on Thursday morning that the victims were all aged between 50 and 70,

Further reports from Saeverud also revealed that they were most likely killed after the police first confronted the attacker at 18:18.