A spike in Covid infections has prompted Australian leaders to call for an emergency meeting on Monday.

At the moment, at least 128 cases of people infected with the virus has been reported after an outbreak in Sydney linked to the highly contagious Delta variant.

Places like Northern Territory, Queensland and Western Australia are not exempted from this development as cases are also recorded there.

The situation has also made officials react and made comments. They said it is a “critical time” for the country, which has kept case numbers low with border closures and lockdowns.

In the history of the country, for some months, this is the first time that cases have emerged in multiple parts of the country at the same time.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg who made comments on the situation stated said, “I think we’re entering a new phase of this pandemic, with the more contagious Delta strain.”

Part of the effects that has occurred after the surge in Covid infections is the emergence of Lockdowns in the cities of Sydney and Darwin, and restrictions across four states.