Security forces have carried out a surprise attack on  trafficking gang in Bangladesh after the country began surveillance on people using the TikTok video-sharing platform.

After investigation, officials revealed that the gang lured girls into the sex trade in neighbouring India using the app.

In reaction to this development, spokesman for the crime-fighting Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), ANM Imran Khan on Wednesday said,

“A large number of TikTok users suspected of being involved in criminal activities are under close watch,”

According to sources, eleven members of a suspected transnational gang were arrested after they allegedly used the application negatively, to take women and young girls to the neighbouring country.

Khan also disclosed that the traffickers used the app to lure girls into sex trade in the name of better jobs in India. It is usually possible for them, when they offer to make them TikTok models, thereby smuggling them to the country.

Meanwhile, it was a bad day for the traffickers when a video of a sexual assault on another 22-year-old Bangladeshi girl went viral on social media last month, and arrests started after a girl, who managed to escape from captivity in India, return to Bangladesh and filed case with police in Dhaka.

Rifatul Islam Ridoy, who is also known as TikTok Ridoy was accused for his expertise in shooting videos using the app. He was also allegedly accused for tricking her and smuggling her to India. All of these were stated in her complaint.

According to the complaint, police disclosed that she was then taken to the southern Indian city of Bengaluru and forced into the sex trade.