Heavy rains and major flooding has inundate New South Wales (NSW) in Australia, leaving more than 18,000 people homeless.

According to CNN, the effect of the flood has made some areas to resemble “inland seas.”

Before the development occurred, there was a history of rains impacting communities since Thursday but flooding intensified over the weekend

The effect has made made roads, trees and houses to be completely submerged in floodwaters in some areas.

So far, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has reacted to the flood issue. She disclosed in a news conference Monday that up to 38 places across the state are regarded as natural disaster areas and 19 evacuation orders have been issued, with potentially more to come.

Considering the effect of the flood and the weather, the ravaging flood has affected other areas like mid-north coast, from Hunter Valley near Sydney to Coffs Harbour, but severe weather warnings have also been extended to include districts on the state’s south coast for Tuesday as the rains are forecast to shift.

Experts have made their observation: In the east, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology has warned of “life-threatening” extensive flooding and heavy rain, while more massive rains are still predicted in the north of the state.

With heavy rains likely bringing flash flooding to southern and western parts of the state a severe weather warning has also been issued for neighboring Queensland.