A protest against the sexual abuse and harassment of women has commenced in Australia.

The massive protest has attracted Tens of thousands of people who have turned out to marches across Australia.

The recent wave of allegations of sexual assault, centered around Australia’s parliament the triggered the the protest.

The latest development on the issue is that the allegations have focused scrutiny on the conservative government.

The story of Attorney General, Christian Porter is in the centre of the whole issue about sexual abuse. He became the centre of focus immediately it was revealed he was the subject of a 1988 rape allegation – which he denies. This led to the protests which were organised a week ago.

The public anger did not stop at that until a separate case, that of Brittany Higgins, an ex-political adviser alleged in February that she was raped in a minister’s office in 2019.

Considering the place of justice, the protesters are of the thought that the government’s response to the sexual assault allegations has been inadequate.

In reaction to the rape issue, Ms Higgins spoke to the thousands of protesters outside Parliament House on Monday, saying: “There is a horrible societal acceptance of sexual violence experienced by women in Australia.”