A shortage of computer chips has affected carmakers around the world, prompting US President, Joe Biden’s directive to officials; to find ways to bolster supply chains.

This development has forced the US to search for medical gear, after the pandemic has strained many producers.

Considering the initial review, it is focused on computer chips, pharmaceuticals, rare earth minerals and large batteries, such as those used in electric cars.

Interestingly, People’s Republic of China, a country in East Asia, is a key supplier for many of those items.

According to US officials, the review was not targeted at China, which like the US imports most of its computer chips and has been trying to boost domestic production.

So far, President Biden’s administration has not relented in his efforts to bring stability in the area of supply chains.

His administration is working on increasing some production in the US, with the aim of working with other countries for items that could not be made domestically.

The area of focus is not far from reliance on “strategic competitor nations”, which will  be part of the analysis.