United States of America President-elect, Joe Biden has vowed “not to divide but to unify” the country.

Mr. Biden who also said it is “time to heal”, made the statement in his first speech as President-elect of the US, BBC reports.

While addressing those who did not vote for him, at an event in Delaware, he said, “Let’s give each other a chance”.

The incumbent President Donald Trump, was defeated by Mr. Biden, following a cliff-hanger vote count after Tuesday’s election.

On the take of Mr Trump after the final result was announced, the Republican  has yet to concede and has not spoken publicly since his defeat was announced, rather, he decided to spend his time playing golf.

Mr Trump is now the first one-term president since the 1990s after the result was announced.

While reacting to the election results, his campaign filed a barrage of lawsuits in various states but election officials say there is no evidence that the vote was rigged against him, as he has claimed.

There have been spontaneous celebrations in major cities after media outlets announced Mr Biden’s victory on Saturday.

While this happened, disappointed Trump supporters demonstrated in some cities but there were no reports of incidents.