As Americans await the final results of the 2020 US Presidential election, few allies are coming out in support President Donald Trump on TV or in the streets.

Sources close to the president have disclosed to CBS News that Donald Trump is angry and disappointed.

Trump has also been displaying gestures like: watching a lot of TV, making calls, and dividing his time on Friday between the Oval Office and the residence.

The latest move Trump’s campaign has carried out is highlighting its legal fight,as another source has disclosed that there is no clear strategy.

In the view of some aides, they though recognise that all this should have been thought out months ago, but nobody wanted to have this conversation with the president.

As for next steps in litigation, unless something significant is uncovered in another big state, it all comes down to Pennsylvania.

A successful Supreme Court challenge could help if he will only get positive result If the margin is close enough,

Right now, if the margin of victory is big enough for Biden, the Pennsylvania case will not matter. This is what his legal team reportedly is focusing their efforts on