While the final results of the US Presidential election is yet to be announced, it is already certain that Presidential candidate, Kanye West did not win.

.On the election results so far, there are still major unknowns as vote counting is still on.

According to reports, the hip-hop mogul who announced he was running for president on July 4 failed to garner even 0.5 percent of the vote in any state, bringing his White House quest an abrupt end.

West’s defeat occurred early Wednesday with perhaps the shortest concession speech ever, tweeting an image of the electoral map along with just one word: “WELP.”

In reaction to the development, West deleted the tweet and then reposted the image with just “2024,” perhaps promising to try and run yet again.

Interestingly, he missed the deadlines to file in many others, while he made it onto the ballot in a dozen states.

On West’s relationship with President Trump, statements have been made consistently, supporting the US president,

On whether he voted or not,  West revealed on Tuesday that  he was voting for president for the first time ever and voting for himself.