With just four days to US Presidential Election, a crucial battleground state has been triggered by Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden and President Trump as they cross paths for a second straight day.

The highlight of this development was the face off on Thursday. The general election which comes up on Nov. 3, in Minnesota has brought a lot of gestures from the people in the US, Fox News reports.

Meanwhile, a showdown which suggests that a state long carried by Democrats in presidential elections, may be in play as President Richard Nixon was the last Republican to win the state – during his 1972 landslide re-election.

Going memory lane, for over a year, the president and his re-election campaign have been eyeing the state in hopes of breaking the losing streak and flipping it from blue to red, because four years ago, Trump narrowly lost Minnesota and its 10 electoral votes to 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Looking critically at the  statistics, an average of the latest public opinion polls in the state indicate the former vice president with a mid-single digit advantage over Trump; but the surveys suggest that Trump gained ground over the past month.

Another critical look on the area of strength for Biden is the concentration of his influence in the Twin Cities and the surrounding suburban counties, while Trump polls best in the more rural areas across the rest of the state, which is known as Greater Minnesota.

The effect of coronavirus pandemic played out at the president’s event, considering restrictions on large crowds. The event which has been planned for a few days –is being held at 5pm local time at the airport in the southeastern city of Rochester, after the location of the event was moved twice.

In order words, the event will be dramatically smaller than the president’s typical rallies, where supporters are packed together with out social distancing, and there’s limited wearing of masks.