As the US election gets closer, presidential candidate Joe Biden has edged into the lead in Texas.

This development was disclosed based on a new opinion poll, raising hopes among Democrats that the party can turn the state blue for the first time since Jimmy Carter in 1976.

According to Evening Standard, the poll by the Dallas Morning News and the University of Texas shows Mr Biden being backed by 48 per cent of likely voters, three points ahead of President Donald Trump on 45 per cent.

The state of 29 million people is the second most important in terms of the presidential election system, carrying 38 of the 538 electoral college votes that decides who wins — second only to California, which has 55 votes. Texas has long been out of reach for the Democrats and a win for Mr Biden, 77, would almost certainly kill the contest on election night in eight days.

The Biden campaign has been boosted by overwhelming numbers of early voters, with nearly 60 million already casting their ballots, amid polling indicating that more are swinging behind the Democrat than Mr Trump. Over seven million of those have been cast in Texas — nearly 43 per cent of all registered voters in the state. Mr Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris, is heading to Texas on Friday as the race to top the ballot there intensifies.