Four upper-caste men have allegedly gang raped a 19-year-old Dalit (formerly untouchable) woman to death in India.

This development has triggered outrage in India, and made many people  take to  social media to demand justice, BBC reports.

After sustaining several serious injuries the woman was admitted to a hospital in Delhi two weeks ago.

So far, four men have been arrested the attack occurred on 14 September in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh.

According to a report by Police in India, the four men had dragged the victim who was grievously injured to a field in Hathras district, where they allegedly raped her.

At the moment, no arrests had been made in the first 10 days after the incident took place when the victim’s brother confirmed her death to BBC Hindi.

While her brother was making comments he said, “She was left for dead. She fought for her life for 14 days,”

The family told the

The Indian Express newspaper also revealed that her family disclosed that the main accused in the crime had always harassed Dalits in their area.

In response to the gruesome act, opposition parties in the state have condemned the attack, while Mayawati, former Uttar Pradesh chief minister and Dalit politician, tweeted on Tuesday.

He said, “The government should provide all possible help to the victim’s family and ensure speedy punishment to the culprits by prosecuting them in a fast-track court.”