A ban on bottoms that reveal the wearer’s underwear has been overturned In Florida, after 13 years.

According to Evening Standard, the Opa-locka City Commission voted by four to one to repeal both the original 2007 legislation and a 2013 order that said women, not just men, could receive civil citations for wearing trousers that exposed their undergarments.

Before it is official the Miami Herald reported the vote was a first reading of the repeal, meaning it will need to be approved again at a subsequent commission meeting.

Meanwhile, the item was co-sponsored by four of the five commissioners but signs still warn people about the rule, around Opa-locka, which is north-east of Miami.

Words like “No ifs, and or butts … It’s the city law!” was featured with an image of two young men wearing trousers below their waists.

In reaction to the development, vice-mayor Chris Davis, who sponsored the repeal reported to the Miami Herald. He said:

“I was never in support of it, even as a resident,”

“I felt it disproportionately affected a certain segment of our population, which is young, African-American men.”

When the order was first passed, the ACLU of Florida called it a “ridiculous waste of public resources”, saying it would “impose overly harsh penalties for victimless behaviour” and disproportionately affect Black youths.