Protesters have reacted to the visit of the Speaker of the House Representatives to the Salon, by gathering outside her San Francisco home.

This development has occurred after Mrs. Pelosi’s controversial visit to eSalonSF Salon. The Speaker has called the incident at the salon set up.

According to Fox news, the rally occurred after Pelosi was captured on video getting her hair cut inside, even though it was closed due to coronavirus-related ordinances.

The protesters which can be described as “angry salon customers,” displayed some angry gestures: some wore curlers in their hair while others hung blow dryers and hair curlers in a tree outside the residence to express their frustration.

According to San Francisco’s KRON-TV, a protester said:

“What she has done is slap the face of not just a salon owner but every woman every man every person who’s unemployed in the state of California who has lost their jobs and lost their livelihoods many of whom are my friends,”

Meanwhile, Salons in San Francisco had been closed since March and were only notified that they could reopen on Sept. 1 for outdoor hairstyling services only.