As the deadly coronavirus spreads, India has become the second worst hit country with coronavirus infections.

India has is the second to US after overtaking Brazil to be the in the number of infections, BBC reports.

On the number of cases in the country, about 4.2 million cases have been confirmed and only it is on record that five of India’s states are responsible for more than half the country’s Covid-19 caseload.

It has now been officially confirmed that India now has the world’s second-highest tally after overtaking Brazil earlier today.

The states listed with highest number of active cases are: Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh.

Among them all, Maharashtra has recorded more than 900,000 cases and has been at the top for months now. Moreover, it has reported more than 26,600 deaths so far.

Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, which seemed to have the outbreak under control initially, have raced to the top more recently.

But all of them have been reopening since June, and any further lockdowns seem unlikely.

Experts believe that economic woes have left the government with no choice, while a relatively low death rate has kept panic at bay.