Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has said police who shot two black Americans, Jacob Blake and Breonna Taylor should be charged.

Speaking in Delaware, Mr Biden did not specify what counts should be brought in the cases, which have fuelled racial justice protests nationwide, BBC reports.

Mr. Biden spoke after notching up a record fundraising haul in August.

On the US elections update, Mr. Biden has a lead over President Donald Trump, a Republican in the opinion polls ahead of November’s election.

Meanwhile, on the charges, Mr Biden was asked whether he agreed with his running mate, Kamala Harris, that the officers in the Blake and Taylor cases should be charged. He asked the question, during a news conference in his hometown of Wilmington on Wednesday.

“I think we should let the judicial system work its way,” he said. “I do think at a minimum, they need to be charged, the officers.”

Mr Blake, 29, was shot seven times in the back and paralysed during an arrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on 23 August.

So far no action has been taken against the officer involved, pending investigations by the Wisconsin and US departments of justice.

In another development, Ms Taylor, 26, was fatally shot in her home during a drug raid in Louisville, Kentucky, on 13 March.

At the moment, one of the officers is losing his job; two others have been placed on administrative leave as the investigation into their actions proceeds.