US President, Donald Trump said himself and Democratic challenger Joe Biden should undergo a drug test before their first debate next month.

The reasons for the new development were stated by Mr. Trump. One of the reasons he mentioned was a suggestion for that his rival might be on drugs, stressing that had noticed a sudden improvement in Mr Biden’s performance in the Democratic TV debates, Evening Standard reports.

Meanwhile, he made his claims to a Washington Examiner; Mr Trump offered no evidence but said: “I’m pretty good at this stuff.”

So far, on the debates, Mr Biden is set to face the US leader in three debates before the election on November 3.

Going memory lane, this development looks like a repeat of what Mr Trump did in 2016, when he suggested his then-Democratic rival Hillary Clinton had been “getting pumped up” before their debates.

So, he went ahead to challenge her to take a drug test ahead of their final TV debate.

Mr. Trump’s claim this time, on Wednesday was centered on the fact that his rival, Mr Biden has improved in the final debate.

He stated further that, Mr Biden “wasn’t even coherent” during some of the debates he competed in during the Democratic primary season.

The most interesting aspect of Mr. Trump’s comments was when he said: “I don’t know how he [Mr Biden] could have been so incompetent in his debate performances and then all of a sudden be OK against Bernie.”