Parents in the UK have been asked to send their children back to the classroom when schools reopen in September.

This development was disclosed by the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

According to Evening Standard, he said the risk of contracting coronavirus in schools is “very small” and pupils face greater harm by continuing to stay away from the classroom.

He further made comments on the reason for the new development, relating it to the precautions and role of government around Covid-19, even while schools resume.

The Prime Minister also stated that it was the Government’s “moral duty” to reopen the schools, emphasizing the effect of all the Covid-19 precautionary measures so far in the country.

In relation to his claims, he disclosed that authorities now know more about Covid-19 than they did when the country went into lockdown on March 23.

In Mr. Johson’s words: “I have previously spoken about the moral duty to reopen schools to all pupils safely, and I would like to thank the school staff who have spent the summer months making classrooms Covid-secure in preparation for a full return in September,”

“We have always been guided by our scientific and medical experts, and we now know far more about coronavirus than we did earlier this year.’’