The Democratic White House nominee Joe Biden, said US President Donald Trump, has “cloaked America in darkness for much too long” BBC reports.

The claim of the former US vice-president was that his rival has unleashed “too much anger, too much fear, too much division”.

On the position of Mr. Biden, the 77-year-old has moved into the general election campaign with a clear lead in opinion polls over Mr Trump, 74.

Meanwhile, the election is about 75 days to go and the Republican president has plenty of time to narrow the gap.

Mr Biden’s live speech marked the grand finale of the four-night Democratic party conference.

But there was no balloon drop, cheering throngs, or any of the other fanfare and razzamatazz of the typical American party conference, because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Organisers opted instead for a virtual set piece of mostly pre-recorded speeches crunched into two hours of highly produced programming each evening.