Several people have been injured after a US fighter jet sparked panic on board, near an Iranian passenger plane over Syrian airspace.

The US fighter jet was reportedly prompting it to change course to avoid a collision in an emergency move.

According to Evening Standard, the Iranian plane, belonging to Mahan Air, was heading from Tehran to Beirut when the pilot staged a safety manoeuvre on Thursday, in an incident that Iran’s Foreign Ministry said would be investigated.

In reaction to the new development, Iran’s official IRIB news agency quoted a passenger describing how his head had hit the roof of the plane during the change in altitude, and video showed an elderly passenger sprawled on the floor.Iran

While, speaking to Reuters news agency, the head of the Beirut airport said, some of the passengers suffered minor injuries.

Meanwhile, on the whereabout of the plane, the Iranian Fars news agency confirmed that, the plane arrived back in Tehran in the early hours of Friday.

The US military’s Central Command, which oversees American troops in the region,  said the F-15 aircraft was conducting a visual inspection of the Iranian aircraft when it passed near the Tanf garrison in Syria, where US forces are present.