The daughter of Angola’s ex-president, Isabel dos Santos, said she may run for president in the next election in 2022.

Isabel, who is already known as a billionaire has made this intention, not minding the accusations of money theft involving billions of dollars, and the freezing of her account.

Speaking in a BBC interview Wednesday, Isabel made an affirmation, when she was asked if she was  interested in contesting  for president.

He reply to the question went in the direction of her being a help to her country. In her words, she said,  “It’s possible… I will do everything I need to do to defend and serve my country.”

It could be recalled that she served as the head of the state oil company Sonangol when her father José Eduardo dos Santos, was the president.

As a result of the accusation and allegation against her, in December, an Angolan court ordered the seizure of the assets and bank accounts belonging to her, her husband Sindika Dokolo and associate Mario Leite da Silva.

The accusation reflected steering more than $1bn (£766m) from Sonangol and official diamond trader Sodiam to firms where they held stakes.

During an interview, after being accused of stealing the country’s money, she denied the allegations.

She denied when she responded, saying that it was an attack on her family and campaign against any political ambitions.

In her words, she said, “We cannot use corruption, or the supposed fight against corruption, in a selective way to neutralise who we think could be future political candidates… It’s about the fight for power.”