On the first day of open-ended protests against President Alpha Condé’s suspected plan to amend the constitution, two protesters were reported to have been shot dead by security forces in Guinea

Reports were also gathered that president Alpha’s intention was not only to amend the constitution, but to amend it to align with his third term agenda.

While this development continued, several members of the coalition of politicians and activists that called the demonstrations were arrested.

According to BBC, an update so far on the protest is the report that one protester, who is also a student, was killed in the capital, Conakry as a second youth died in the northern city of Labe.

As a result of the heated tension from the protest, there was an unusual quietness Conakry,  on Monday, with businesses, schools and markets staying closed.

As for correspondents, it was reported that, how long the population will be willing to heed calls to shut down the city is not certain.

Previously, 20 people had died as a result of demonstrations against Mr Condé which were broken up by security forces.