Iranian state television said on Wednesday that at least 80 ‘American terrorists’ were killed in attacks involving 15 missiles launched by Tehran on U.S. targets in Iraq, adding that none of the missiles were intercepted.

State TV, citing a senior Revolutionary Guards source, also said Iran had 100 other targets in the region in its sights if Washington took any retaliatory measures. It also said U.S. helicopters and military equipment were ‘severely damaged.’

But a U.S. military official said there were no immediate reports of American casualties. Iran launched missile attacks on American-led forces in Iraq in the early hours of Wednesday in retaliation for the U.S. drone strike which killed Iranian general Qassem Soleimani.

Those in harm’s way were able to scramble to safety and hide in bunkers during the attack, the official told USA Today. Al-Asad and Erbil bases were both targeted in the attack. U.S. troops had been practising safety drills for some time.

Iraqi officials say there were no casualties among their forces either. President Donald Trump tweeted that ‘all is well’ and ‘so far so good’ as the damage and casualties continued to be assessed. Ain al-Asad airbase was first used by American forces after the 2003 U.S.-led invasion that toppled dictator Saddam Hussein, and later saw American troops stationed there amid the fight against the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria. It houses about 1,500 U.S. and coalition forces.

Daily Mail