Former Interim President of Liberia, Prof Amos Sawyer  who is also the Head of ECOWAS’ 55-member Election Observation Mission to Sierra Leone’s March 7 crucial general elections has arrived Freetown Tuesday night.

With him was Dr Remi Ajibewa, ECOWAS Director of Political Affairs. Fifteen ECOWAS Long-term observers are already on ground and will be joined by 40 of their Short-term colleagues to observe the presidential, parliamentary and local Council polls across Sierra Leone’s 16 Administrative Districts.

Sixteen candidates including two women are vying for the presidency while 789 candidates are contesting for the 144-seat parliament in the country of an estimated 7 million population and 3.17 million registered voters, who will cast their ballots in 11,122 polling stations nationwide.

Sierra Leone is still recovering from the effects of an 11-year bloody civil war that ended in 2002, and the devastation of 2014 Ebola virus pandemic coupled with tragic mudslides of 2017 with combined fatalities of more than 4,000 deaths.