An internal Canadian flight has been cancelled after a heated dispute over children wearing masks.

Video footage shared on social media shows the moment police officers boarded a WestJet flight bound for Toronto from Calgary.

According to Evening Standard, It followed an exchange between airline crew members and a family on board.

Eventually the entire flight, set to arrive in Toronto on Tuesday, was told to get off the plane before it could take off.

Passenger Safwan Choudhry was travelling home to Toronto with his wife and their daughters aged three and 19 months.

Transport Canada rules require any person over the age of two travelling on a plane to wear a mask. Younger children are exempt.

The family claim that they complied with requests from crew to make their three-year-old wear a mask, and have insisted that they were also asked to put a mask on their younger daughter.

Mr Choudhry told the BBC that the 19-month-old became “basically hysterical” and struggled to breathe when his wife attempted to place a mask on her face.

He said that the child became so upset she vomited.

WestJet has disputed the family’s claims. The airline has stated that its crew members had only asked the family to put a mask on their three-year-old, as it is has a “zero tolerance” mask policy, but that its staff had not asked the younger child to wear one.

Evening Standard