Well, nudity in it's various form is trickling down! Rihanna set off the avalanche recently in her infamous see through dress and now nearly everyone has caught the bug.

From Kim who was photographed pushing Northwest in her stroller. Kim was wearing an unbuttoned jump suit (no bra) leaving her cleavages to the mercy of several million pairs of eyes on social media to Tiwa who is still shooting down allegations that her "Wanted" video was too "Rauchy".

Concern however now grows as the bug now trickles to men. Flavour currently is trending because of a photo on social media where he has his brief pulled so low, his butt cheeks are exposed.

Reaction has been varied from high fives to thumb downs. There is fear of what will be seen on social media, say in ten years.

Fashion, sanity and self respect is definitely spiralling out of control.