The final match generated 618,725 tweets per minute.
Messi magic may have failed to save the day for Argentina in its final faceoff against Germany in the Fifa World Cup last night, but the Golden Ball winner still came out on top in the Twitter stakes.
According to Twitter data, the #GER vs #ARG #WorldCupFinal hashtags set a new record or 618,725 tweets per minute (TPM), beating the record set in the Germany-Brazil match with Sami Khedira’s goal in the 29th minute launching a landslide 580,166 TPM.
The moment came when Germany was announced the match winners, which triggered a volley of tweets globally from fans.
Last night’s winning goal seven minutes before the end by German midfielder Mario Gotze came in second place, generating 556,499 TPM; meanwhile, Lionel Messi’s win of the Golden Ball and declared best player of the tournament, along with Manuel Neur’s Golden Glove win garnered another 395,773 TPM.
On the winning side, the top three most tweeted German players of the night (no surprises here) emerged with Gotze at the top spot, followed by Neur, with Christoph Kramer coming in third after his dramatic head injury in last night’s game.
On the Argentinian side, it was Messi who trumped again in the Twitter stakes, followed by striker Gonzalo Higuaín; Javier Mascherano came in third place.
Brazil still on top
However, even with last night’s record, it is still the humiliating Brazilian blitzkrieg of the semi-finals that reigns on the micro blogging site in its overall Twitter numbers for the most number of tweets sent out in any live sporting event.
The 7-1 victory for the Germans in the faceoff against the Samba boys in the semis still came out on top compared to last night’s overall tweet count, beating the boys last night by a little over three million tweets.
Twitter data revealed 32.1m tweets were sent out during the World Cup Final match, which failed to beat the 35.6m tweets that flooded timelines around the globe with every passing goal the Germans scored to defeat Brazil and torpedo into the finals.