The Golden Eaglets of Nigeria hope of getting to the finals of the  2019 U-17 World Cup came to an end when they lost 3-1 to the Netherlands during Tuesday’s Round of 16 match.

Surprisingly, Sontje Hansen did the damage that led to the defeat of the Golden Eaglets through his hat-trick.

There was a case of poor defending from Nigeria in the match, and the Orange boys took advantage of the loophole, giving Netherlands the opportunity to advanced into the quarter-finals.

It can be recalled that the defence was so loose to the extent that the Golden Eaglets conceded two goals in the first 20 minutes.

In Goiania Golden Eaglets’s Olakunle Olusegun’s goal in the 12th minute came in as an equaliser after Hansen opened scoring in the fourth minute

As if that was not enough, Ajax emerging star scored another goal three minutes later

The Golden Eaglets had opportunities to score, when searching for an equaliser, but did not master the art of converting their opportunities to goals.

In the 81st minute, a VAR decision was made after Ferdinand Ikenna guilty of obstructing Mohamed Taabouni’s shot with his hand in the 18-yard box, which resulted into a penalty, as another opportunity  came for Hansen to score a hat-trick.