The MD/CEO of Modest Muslima Lounge, Rukayyah Tolani Bashari says the lounge has been created to give love to women who truly deserve it.

Bashari who shared her knowledge about the business to ‘Page 3’, also stated that the hub was created out of love, knowing fully that women are always known to be the mum, sister, hard worker, cook, driver and cleaner.

She also revealed that there are times that women don’t have to explain themselves to anybody, but you need to relax.

Bashari, while admitting that women need rest, also stressed that when it comes to relaxation, what is common is to go to the movies and the spa.

Having in mind that the Muslim woman needed to take care of themselves and most importantly cover their body while doing it, she decided to delve into the business to solve the problem.

In her words, ‘’The first that came to my mind is that, how can I help a Muslim woman? How can I help them without them feeling uncomfortable?’’

On the difference between her lounge and others, she said everything they use are natural products and the methods she uses use in carrying out our services are traditional.

On the importance of her products to the body, she revealed that organic products are very beneficial to the skin; because help they clear troubled skin, hyper-pigmentation, and prevent bacterial infection and dry skin.