The brand that offers functional, stylish, and ready to wear designs Mo Augusto, has debuted its first collection.

Reports from Silverbird Television fashion show ”Page 3”, reveals that  the new ready to wear line M.O.T. line is also known for Its contemporary woman’s everyday life.

The brand offers classic pieces and wardrobe essentials which never go out of style.

Inspired by the ideological musings of a futuristic diverse Lagos, the colours reflect the relentless vivacity of the city, especially its parties.

Another feature is construction techniques such as weaving, symbolic of the undeniable interconnection of its diverse group of people and some movement (another Lagosian trademark) in the silhouettes.

The introductory collection also aims to give insight into the brand’s ethos and aesthetic; which dwells more on celebrating female curves, traditional conceptions of femininity, unique combinations of African and Western fabrics, and a lot of structure and clean lines.

Look below for the video