Two local coaches have been shortlisted for the vacant Super Falcons coaching job.

This development was disclosed by the Technical Director of the Nigeria Football Federation, Bitrus Bewarang.

Bewarang speaking to Punch correspondent stated that, that seven other coaches have also been listed for the roles of goalkeeper trainer and assistant coach.

Speaking further, Bewarang said, their choices were based on the applications they received for the vacant positions.

On the criteria for the shorlist, Bewarang also revealed that the Technical Department of the NFF looked at certain requirements before arriving at their decision.

Bewarang also disclosing to Punch said, “We look at coaches that have been churning out results with their clubs and also the kind of discipline the coaches have, because with women, we have to be very careful. We have to look for coaches that are mature and have been working with women teams for quite a long time”

“We shortlisted nine coaches, two head coaches, three goalkeeper trainers and four assistant coaches and they are all local. We shortlisted what we saw in the applications we received.

“Other teams’ appointment will be announced soon. The NFF has commissioned a company to do some of the work, we are just trying to step in because some of the teams have competitions that are very close; that is why we are doing what we are doing.

In his concluding words, he said, “We made recommendations and until I have approval before I can present to the public.”