For eight months, Ese Oruru, 14 was abducted in Kano. She was lured into lust by Yunusa, a Kano man popularly known as Yellow.

Yunusa was a regular customer to Ese’s mother while in Bayelsa and because of his patronage to the Oruru’s store, he was considered to be a good friend of the house until August 2015 when he ran away with Ese.

No doubt, Ese must have been infatuated by those captivating moves by Yunusa, it is clear by her age that she is still a minor and lacks the legitimacy to decide on her own who to marry.

Love is an activity of the soul and truly Ese might have feeling for Yunusa but converting her to a Muslim and consequently making her a wife pose series of questions of pedophilia and other sexual abuses.

On Tuesday, Ese returned to her parents and in her conversation with journalist, she said, “I’m not fine”.

Ese says she is not fine, though she is looking fine in her new Muslim outfit, Hijab. Perhaps her health status has changed in the last eight months,   until a test is carried out on her, no one can ascertain the health condition.

The police will be prosecuting Yunusa anyway, the abductor wrote a statement to help the law enforcers in their investigations.

What offence will Yunusa be charged for? Is it a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to a preteen? Is it the criminal case of kidnapping and abduction?
Will the offence bother on sexual violence and abuse? The last is yet to be heard about Yunusa and Ese.

Has Ese committed any offence to have agreed to run away with a pedophile?  To many, Ese should be blamed, including her parents who had allowed the innocent girl to mingle so close to a stranger to the extent of being abducted.

But in a situation where a preteen is trying to seduce an adult or she is so obsessed to wanting to touch a man, it becomes the responsibility of the adult to resist the move. No matter where the pendulum swings, the adult is expected to be more restrained.