One of the protest in Nigeria that has made left scars on the minds of people in one of the most populous black nation in the world, ENSARS, is about to be one year in some days from now.

In remembrance of the day which the protest that many people both locally in Nigeria and on the international scene have tagged various names started, highlights of the experiences and activities o the protest has been dissected on “Silverbird Today” with a review.

The Thursday 8 October 2020, protest which created room for massive talking points and reactions across all digital platforms and other means of communications in Nigeria and globally, also attracted international communities and heavyweights in the media, and other sectors, drawing attention of the world to the core messages: “ENDSARS”, “End Police Brutality”.

Interestingly, the embattled Nigerian youths, after channeling their energy into a legitimate means of agitation called PROTEST, felt it should yield a better, positive, and desired result which will bring change; but it was rather a different kettle of fish.

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