English singer Ed Sheeran has donated £10,000 to a home providing care for the sick, Warwickshire hospice charity in the United Kingdom.

This development occurred after an “on the off chance” request from a band he supported as a teen, BBC reports.

The move was triggered after John Parker, part of folk duo Nizlopi supported his idea of spreading the word about his fundraising marathon run by seeking for the help of the star.

Going memory lane, the group had a hit single with JCB Song in 2005 and the songwriter credited them with teaching him “basically every aspect of my live set”.

In appreciation of the kind gesture, Mr Parker express his feeling towards the donation. He said he was “massively touched” by the donation.

Speaking further, he said, “It proves that no matter how famous you get, you can still be a top person.”

On Ed Sheeran’s feats so far, the record producer, and actor is one of the world’s best-selling music artists after selling more than 150 million records worldwide.