Fast rising female Nigerian R&B singer Ria Sean said she was doing things on her own before she got signed into a record label.

The Afro-pop artiste who is signed to Aristocrat Records stated that she released her first song in 2015 then another one in 2019 and Lemonade this year, 2021.

Speaking on her pattern of doing things she revealed that she prefers to do her own thing, stressing that she does not think there is a formular when it comes to acceptance.

After admitting that money counts in the music business, Sean also mentioned finance as one of the challenges amongst others.

While elaborating on challenges, she admitted that there are times in her career that she attempted quitting music, which also made her to make attempts elsewhere.

On the meaning of lemonade, she stated that its about her having a sexual intercourse with a guy she likes and how she intends to vibe with him.

Sean mentioned money, love, lust and a whole lot of things about life as the areas of interest which she sings about.

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