Veteran Nigerian Actor Segun Arinze on Friday commented on the new film, “Pillars Of Africa” and what movie enthusiasts and fans should be expecting.

Speaking on “Silverbird Today”, the movie director who shed light on what “Izambi Republic” is all about, attributed it to a fictional nation of its own because it is a strong medium to tell stories, since what is seen in real life were captured in the movie.

With an insight on what triggered the idea of the movie, the talented actor reminded the public that film is a powerful medium to make a change.

Speaking on the things that makes the movie different and unique, he mentioned cinematography, the technicalities involved and movie stars that were featured.

On rating, the producer said Nigeria is doing well but there is more to be done, stressing that people are trying to bring back movies that has been done before.

Quality in Nigerian films is another the director talked about, while making emphasis that voodoo has been drastically reduced, and other areas are being considered.

Interestingly, the newly appointed president, Association of Voice Over Artiste of Nigeria (AVOA) also claimed that he has a task to train young voice over artiste.

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