Youth advocate, Airhunnuoje Michael, has shared his views on the Nigerian dream, referring to it as one pouring water on the rock.
 While speaking on “Silverbird Today”, the passionate youth emancipator said the situation of the average Nigerian youth favours this government.
 On the plan of the government towards the Nigerian youth, he stated that there is deliberate systemic attempt to ensure that the average young person does not rise above the level of survival.
 He stressed on his statement with a proof that anything that appears productive or take the youth from one point to the other, the government will stop or ban it.
 On the cause of the current situation, Michael disclosed that it is not just the government, but a system thing generally, making references to religious organisations and other bodies.
 With references to these bodies, he asked, “How many religious organisations reward youths, for academic performance, sports and social performance?”
 With much emphasis on the religious system, he revealed that they are keen on criticizing youths, while the government is keen on breaking down the zeal of the youth down.  He said, “The moment they try to make attempt on and off line, they are stopped.”
On the way out in the area of information technology, he said the solution has to be personal, stressing that social media is a blessing but needs to be maximized.
 Michael also revealed that there is so much to do online beyond gossip, emphasizing that young people can learn so much on Google, Twitter and other platforms.
He advised youths to take advantage of the opportunities they have now because time is not on their side.

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