The appointment of Showbiz personalities, Sunny Neji, Asha Gangali and Matthew Ohio, to the board of the Musical Copyright Society Nigeria has been confirmed.

There was an agreement between MCSN and Performing Musicians’ Employers’ Association of Nigeria, which provides that the music body would have two seats on the board of MCSN. This prompted the appointment of Neji and Gangali.

While, in the case of Ohio, his appointment was said to be based on his wide interest and representations in the music industry.

With this development, there are prospects that MCSN would increase the quality and quantity of its membership and repertoire.

The appointments followed a statement by the Managing Director of MCSN, Mayo Ayilaran who said it signified the ‘bringing on deck’ of more hands to work for the building of required structures in the music industry.

He also revealed that it would strengthen the capacity of the collective management of copyright in Nigeria. He added, “With the partnership of PMAN and MCSN, prosperity for the Nigerian music industry and musicians is assured.”