Entertainment conglomerate Disney is releasing a film “Black Widow” from Marvel on Disney and at the same time it hits theatres.

Interestingly, the latest from Disney’s superhero studio “Black Widow”, will debut simultaneously in theatres and on the company’s streaming service on July 9.

The American diversified multinational mass media, Disney+ subscribers will have to pay an extra fee of $29.99 to watch the film which will be released via the company’s Premier Access function.

Concerning the release date of the film, the fact still remains that the effects of the deadly coronavirus pandemic affected some activities in the theatre industry.

An example of what one of them the highly anticipated superhero film starring Scarlett Johansson which was originally slated to open in theatres a year a ago on May 1, 2020.

The icing on the cake for subscribers this time is that they have an opportunity to be entertained without additional charges.

According to a confirmation from WarnerMedia, it said it would simultaneously release all Warner Bros. movies on HBO Max this year without charging an additional fee to subscribers.

Sources have disclosed that the biggest blockbuster studio in Hollywood still remains Marvel.

It has also been revealed that Disney started an experiment with an alternate distribution strategy during the pandemic.