The rape in South Africa has triggered a lot of concern after two renowned Disk Jockeys have been accused of raping three women in a night out in 2011.

South African DJs, Thato Sikwane, known as DJ Fresh, and Themba Nkosi, known as Euphonik, were  accused of of drugging and raping a woman and three other women on a night out.

According to the woman, the incident occurred when she was a second-year student at the University of Pretoria.

In the words of Siphelele Madikizela, she was so inebriated at the time of the alleged attack that she is not certain whether both men or just one of them raped her, and added that they both laughed about it the following morning saying that the women were so drunk they kept “blacking out”.

The two of them, Euphonik and DJ Fresh denied the accusations, and their supporters and fans swiftly branded the alleged victim an “attention seeker” and “a liar” on social media.

So far, some caring people like activists and social media influencers have decided to be help the woman by giving her some support.

Meanwhile, there are speculations that the woman is not saying the truth while others supported the two men, claiming that she is a liar.