Fast rising Nigerian gospel artiste, Luchi said she loves everything about Frank Edwards and would like to do collaboration with him.

Speaking on the show, “Silverbird Today”, Luchi who confirmed that she likes music because it is her life; said, she used to be a circular singer, but she is now a gospel singer.

Luchi revealed that “Chaikamso”, which means, “Na God I Follow,” in Igbo language,  was the first gospel song she released and I did a video on it while her latest is “I am That I am”.

The talented singer also shared her experience about the change from circular songs to gospel songs, the reason behind her decision, difference and life after changing.

She said, “Right now I just have to do with the will of God for my life. Gospel goes in line better with my dreams. I have been running a way from gospel music, all these years, but finally, I have answered the call. What ever Jesus did’n’t do, I shouldn’t do it,’

‘Speaking about then and now, I have to conquer self. There were certain clothes I wore, but I can’t wear them again, and the language I speak. Gospel life is real,’

‘When it comes to gospel, it is about God. What ever is not biblical, I should not do it. Making it in this gospel field is not easy. There must be a change when I sing, people have to experience it.’’

Apart from music, Luchi said she has delved into professional photography and teaching.

Look below for Luchi’s video and photos during her interview on ”Silverbird Today”