A two-night documentary event on Janet Jackson will air simultaneously on A&E and Lifetime.

The premiere which will air two hours for two nights, totaling four hours will coincide with the 40th anniversary of her self-titled 1982 album.

This development was disclosed by A+E Networks virtual upfront on Wednesday.

Jackson’s life and career, never-before-seen footage, and feature home videos from the legendary artist, are the highlights to expect from viewers in the documentary with the working title “JANET.”

More from the documentary will be a talk about her personal life and becoming a mother, Jackson’s controversial 2004 Super Bowl halftime, show performance with Justin Timberlake, her father Joe Jackson and the death of her brother Michael Jackson.

The production kudos goes to Jackson as an executive producer on the project, along with Randy Jackson, while the job of the director goes to Ben.

According to the A+E Networks group, the documentary is part of more than 2,500 hours of new programming.

The early part of 2022 has been scheduled to “JANET” on A&E and Lifetime.